Григорян Михаил

Michael Grigoryan, 8-year-old student


Michael Grigoryan (sometimes also called Misha) is an 8-year-old student -of secondary school No. 3 n.a. Griboedov in Stepanakart. He also studies at the Voice of Artsakh producing center (vocals, piano, violin) and as its trainee has performed in France, Switzerland, Russia, Armenia, etc. Michael likes to attend rehearsals of older singers, to ride a bike, to watch his brother play the basketball, to watch football and basketball games.

His fancy dream is about singing with 12-year-old R. Loretti, 10-year-old M. Jackson, but in more realistic dreams he is singing with S. Wonder. His dearest desire is ‘to halt the war in Nagorno-Karabakh region and to give a lot of concerts’. The young artist is always happy if his friends, associates or he himself ‘do something good’. He likes to wear something green.


Ruslana Panchishina, 10 years old


Ruslana Panchishina,  also called RekA, is a 10-year-old student of Minsk gymnasium № 15. Since 2012, she is the winner of numerous music festivals and competitions held in Russia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Italy, Latvia, Georgia, Belarus, and Germany.


Trio «EY`WA» 


13-year-old Sofia is the winner of various international music competitions, the finalist of the ‘Voice. Kids’ song contest; she also takes parts in films, and acts in the theater. She played a major role in the world’s first 3D musical called ‘Pola Negri’ (in St. Petersburg, and for one year in Moscow in the Russian Army Theatre).

12-year-old Camilla Ismailova participated in many music competitions, including the ‘Junior Eurovision 2015’ (the finalist from the Republic of San Marino). She likes to chat with friends, and also … just sit back and do nothing! She dreams about a big teddy bear.

13-year-old Helena Fadievna Meraai participated in ‘Voice. Kids’ song contest (in 2015 – 2016, Moscow, mentor – Dima Bilan). She is the winner of many Grand Prizes and prizes in various television and radio contests. In her spare time, she is reading, hanging out with friends and singing. 


Veronica Inkino, 11 year old


11 year old Veronica Inkino from Bishkek studies at Bishkek Cambridge international school. She is considered to be the finalist of different contests among which are ‘Veneto music contest’ (1st place, 2015, Italy), ‘Volavoce festival’ (3rd award , 2015, Italy), ‘Fiestalonia Almaty’ (1st place, 2015, Almaty), ‘New Wave Junior 2015’ semifinal, ‘Fiestalonia Millenio’ (1st award, Spain), ‘KgTay’ (1st prize, 2016 Moscow), ‘The battle of talents’ (finalist, 2016, Sochi, Russia).




Daniel Yun, 9 years old


Daniel Yun from Pusan is a second year student, he is 9 years old. Till nowadays he has not taken part in any creative contest. He always spends his free time composing music, editing video blogs or dancing. The boy likes pop-music, especially thePentatonix group. He admires that, ‘these guys make music with their own voices,  sing a cappella, and this is very cool’. 

Daniel enjoys time by the sea. He adores swimming as much as music. Earlier, he used to exercise karate, but nowadays he has no time for going in for sports. His dream is to sing together with the popular singer Psaj, with a Korean Big Band kpop group. Daniel also likes Russian singers – Dima Bilan, Egor Krid, Nyusha.

Ячменкина Настя

Anastasia Yachmenkina, 7 years old


Anastasia Romualdovna Yachmenkina, a seven-year old first-grader from Riga’s elementary school No. 34, has an impressive collection of victories in various contests such as Riga Sypmhony (2015, 1st place), Baltic Talents (1st place), Tatiana’s Day (1st place), Pearly Rain (Pērļu lietus, 1st place), Rising Star (Lithuania, Kylanti žvaigždė, 1st place), and in many other contests and festivals.



Mangion Eila, 10 years old


Eila Mangion is a ten year old participant from south Maltese city Fgura. She has taken part in different musical contests and festivals, invariably winning the Grand Prix (Malta , Lithuania , Italy, Finland and etc.) 

In her free time, she loves singing at home and at studio. She plays basketball and dreams of winning at the X Factor show. 

She would love to sing along with Jennifer Hudson and Aretha Franklin, ‘Because music style and the manner of singing of this two awesome singers are so close to me!’ .


Eganyan Nonna, 11 years old


Eganyan Nonna Varazdati, often called Nona, is a 12-year-old pupil of St. Petersburg GBOU school No. 242. She is the Grand Prix winner of the ‘Melody of Scarlet Sails’ contest, the first prize winner of the ‘ Voices of the 21st Century’, the third place holder of the ‘Generation Next’ contest, finalist of the ‘Voice Kids’ TV project -2016, and many others. She is engaged in gymnastics, loves shopping, and to spend holidays where it is warm and there is the sea! The most important thing for her is to know her family members are healthy and live long happy lives. She values in people, first and foremost, sincerity and faithfulness.



Alexei Zabugin, 12 years old


Alexei Zabugin from Novy Urengoy is 13 years old. This gifted finalist has already participated in many creative competitions and festivals in his native city and region (2007-2014), in all-Russia events (Tomsk, Khanty-Mansiysk, Moscow), in the international contest (Sochi), etc. In 2015, he was a finalist in the ‘Voice Kids -2’ TV project, participated in the international ‘Journey to Success’ meeting staged by the Academy of PopularMusic of  Igor Krutoy.




Mariya Mirova, 10 years old


10-years old Mariya Mirova from  Meleuz (Bashkortostan) is a student at MBEI Gimnasium 1. She is the First degree laureate for the III All-Russia festival-contest of children’s and youth creativity (nomination ‘Stage vocal’ – ‘Golden Peregrine’, Khumertau, April, 2013), the Second degree laureate for the IV International festival of children’s and youth creativity ‘Lighting Stars’ ( nomination ‘Stage vocal’, Izevsk, June, 2013), lots of other musical competitions and festivals in Ufa, Kazan, Belek, Moscow, Vitebsk and many others. She is also a finalist (backup – second place) for the Russian national selection for competition ‘Children’s Eurovision – 2015’ (Moscow, September, 2015).



Janelle Saduakas, 11 years old


11-year-old Janelle Saduakas comes from Astana, she studies at the ‘Nur-Orda’ Kazakh-Turkish liceum. She is the winner of Grand Prix of the ‘Aygolek’ contest (2009), Grand Prix of the ‘Zhuldyzdy Zhol’ contest (2015), Grand Prix of the children’s music karaoke contest with Lina Arifulina (2016), Grand Prix at the ‘Ayalagan Astana’ Republican contest (2016).


Milena Bartsits, 13  years old


At 12, Milena Bartsits from Gagra, a student of School No. 1284 and S. Prokofiev Musical School, is the laureate of 28 national and international contests and festivals, the winner of seven Grand Prixes, and a participant of the Voice Kids project. Milena enjoys playing the piano, writing her own music, playing the guitar, drawing, and making videos. She’s a big fan of Lara Fabian, ‘She is awesome in how she sings high notes, and in her technique. I would be so happy to sing a duet with her! And also, I am always inspired by great musicians who write songs for themselves. Whenever I listen to such music, I feel an immediate urge to get to the piano and start writing my music. It’s an incredible feeling, and hard to express in words!’.


Ilinca Dinu, 10 years old


Ten-year-old Ilinca Dinu from Bucharest is in the fourth form. She is a winner of various music contests and festivals held in Romania. She is fond ща Christmas, the color blue, reading, studying foreign languages, playing the piano, acting lessons, swimming, playing volleyball and basketball, but she is not very apt to study Maths – which is, by her admission, a difficult subject. Rather, she prefers studying History – ‘Because I want and I can know the past.’


Sofia Bondarenko, 9 years old


Nine-year-old Sofia Bondarenko is a winner of numerous international festivals and contests. She is a fourth grade student at the secondary school No. 41 of the city of Gorlovka.

She likes drawing, spending her summer in the countryside, watching track-and-field competitions on TV. She would be happy to sing together with Nastya Kamenskikh, in whose team Sofia was in one of the TV projects.



Maria Daniela Trachtenberg, 13 years old


13-year old Maria Daniela Arkadyevna Trachtenberg lives in Kiev and is a student of Lyceum of Physics and Mathematics No. 208. She is also Second Degree Academician of Igor Krutoy’s Popular Music Academy, a Grand Prix winner of the Beauty Star International Children’s Festival, First and Second Degree Laureate of Ukrainian national festivals and singing contest, and a semi-finalist of Ukraine’s national casting for the Kids’ Eurovision – 2013 tournament.

Maria loves shooting, editing her YouTube videos and … going to the seaside on vacations! J She is fascinated with soccer matches, biathlon run-offs, and dance sport contests. A singer since she was nine, she has been learning piano. Always joyful and excited about her birthday, New Year’s and Easter. Still dreaming of getting the gift of a two-meter polar bear once!

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