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Newwavejunior 2016. Press Releases

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Children’s arts support and development programs are gaining importance with each year. All over the world, and in Russia too, the theme of facilitation and development of young talents in Arts  is becoming more topical.  Comprehensive harmonious education, moral and creative development of the younger generation is one of the main missions of the modern society. In this regard, the ‘New Wave Junior’ first international Contest of young pop stars is staged by ARS Holding to promote creative growth of young talents, assist in their artistic and personal development. The aim and main objective of the ‘New Wave Junior’ festival is to assist creativity, professional growth and personal development of young gifted artists. Equally important is the objective to draw attention of the state, public and commercial organizations in different countries to talented children and adolescents.

Take Contest is staged for kids aged between 8 and 12 years of age.

 The first edition of the ‘New Wave’ International Contest of young pop stars was organized and staged by ARS in November 2008 in Moscow. The ‘New Wave Junior-2009’ Contest was also held in Moscow, at the Cosmos Concert Hall.

In 2010, the ‘New Wave Junior’ moved to the famous Artek Children’s Holiday Camp. The finalists of the Contest were again chosen  from among talented children from different countries of the world. Every year the Contest of young artists is   gladly attended and supported by the brightest stars of Russian and Ukrainian show-business: Ph. Kirkorov, S. Rotaru, D. Bilan, V. Serduchka, L. Vaikule, Boris Moiseev, Alsu, Timati, V.Brezhneva, V. Presnyakov, such pop music bands as ‘Diskoteka Avariya’, ‘Otpetye Moshenniki’, ‘Gorod 312’, ‘Ranetki’, ‘23:45’, ‘Band’eros’, as well as ex-participants of the ‘New Wave Junior’ past editions, and many others.

The ‘New Wave-2012’ was staged as an anniversary edition of the Contest celebrating its five-year birthday! The Artek stage featured 16 Contestants from 12 countries. The ‘New Wave Junior’ is a dedicated forum of music, featuring kids as its main personalities.

On 20 August, the ‘Morskoy’ camp (Artek) hosted the ‘New Wave Junior’ Charity Football Cup between the teams of the  ‘New Wave Junior’ Contestants and the Artek guests. Cups, commemorative medals and bright  diaries were presented to all participants of the match. They were awarded by the internationally renowned artist Alessandro Safina, Irina Dubtsova, Nyusha.

The ‘New Wave Junior-2013’ Contest involved 16 finalists from 11 countries of the world.  The ‘New Wave Junior-2013’ Finals Jury included the Jury President, People’s Artist of Russia Igor Krutoy, as well as Konstantin Meladze, Sergey Lazarev, Irina Dubtsova, Ani Lorak, Vera Brezhneva, Yulia Savicheva, Jamala, and world-renowned artist-Alessandro Safina.

According to the Jury vote, Sofia Tarasova from Ukraine became the ‘New Wave Junior-2013’ winner. The second place was shared by  Pauline Skrabyte from Lithuania and Diana Hitarova from Russia. The third place was awarded to Sabina Mustaeva from Uzbekistan. Each winner was awarded an exclusive Crystal Wave prize. The three day ‘New Wave Junior’ celebrations program became the musical highlight of the year  featuring the most popular artists of Russia and Ukraine- the ‘Potap and Nastya’ group, D.Joker, I. Dorn, L. Leschenko, Ph. Kirkorov, T. Gverdtsiteli, the ‘Diskoteka Avariya’ group, I. Dubtsova, Nysha, and many others.

The ‘New Wave Junior-2014’ featured 17 finalists from 11 countries – Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Israel, Romania, Kazakhstan, Italy, Moldova, Belarus, Latvia, Georgia. The most talented kids – the finalists – performed global hits, songs from cartoons and movies. During the three days of the ‘New Wave Junior-2014’,  Russian pop stars performed  as duos  with the Contest winners from previous years. 

Every year the ‘New Wave Junior’ attracts to the Artek International Children’s Center more than 7,000 children and adults from different countries.

The Grand opening of the ‘New Wave Junior-2014’ Contest was held at the Artek Stadium. The traditional Contest Flame was delivered by the torch bearer – a representative of the Artek camp, who passed the torch to the ‘New Wave Junior’ ex-Contestants of different years. The children solemnly lit the symbolic flame in the famous Artek Stadium Cauldron. The Chief of the Presidential Directorate for Social Projects – Pavel Zenkovich read to visitors and participants of the Contest a telegram address on behalf of Vladimir Putin. The concert included performances by Ph. Kirkorov, L. Leschenko, N. Baskov, S. Kostyushkin, A. Safina, D. Klaver, T. Rodriguez, D. Joker, Yu. Savicheva, the ‘IOWA’ group, Nyusha, the ‘O’Henri‘ group, and other artists.

As part of the Program, there was held the traditional football game of Contestants – between the team of girls and the team of  boys. Under the warm Crimean rain, the brave young female artists won by a score of 3:1. The team won the Memorial Cup of the Contest, and all participants of the match were awarded commemorative medals. 

In the evening, winners were awarded, and the Gala concert was staged, in which such popular star singers performed as: Ph. Kirkorov, Bosson, L. Leschenko, the ‘5’Sta Family’ group, the ‘Diskoteka Avariya’ group, Yu. Savicheva, D. Joker, Roberto Kel Torres, the ‘New Wave’ children’s choir of  Igor Krutoy

The Contest  spectators’  vote was held in the nomination of the Spectators Award. Voting took place from 12 to 18 August on the Contest website and on the websites of media partners. The Spectators Award prize was presented on the stage of the Artek main concert hall, during the Closing Ceremony of the ‘New Wave Junior’ Contest. The prize was awarded to Catherine Maneshina.

The First prize – a trip to the ‘New Wave -2015’ Contest – was awarded  by the Jury to Andrei Boiko (Ukraine). The Second place was shared by three participants: three electronic pianos went to Ekaterina Maneshina (Russia), twins Martin and Kiara Skarpari (Italy), Polina Bogusevich (Russia). Three Contestants shared the third prize as well: Mahammadli Zhugunusov (Kazakhstan), Ruslan Aslanov (Belarus) and Sophia Voloshanenko (Ukraine), they were awarded with synthesizers.

The Parents’ Prize – a plasma TV – was awarded to Ruslan Aslanov (Belarus).

All the participants of the ‘New Wave Junior’ received commemorative diplomas and professional microphones.

The Jury included a Popular Singers Nyusha, Alessandro Safina, People’s Artist of Russia Lev Leshchenko, People’s Artist of Russia Philipp Kirkorov and the Contest Jury President,  People’s Artist of Russia, Composer and |Producer Igor Krutoy.


The competition held on August 31, 2014 was broadcast on Rossia 1 TV channel.

The ‘New Wave Junior-2015’ finalists performed at Artek from 11 to 13 August, whereas from 1 August the 15 participants from 12 countries of the world were involved in training and rehearsals staged by the Contest Director Alexander Revzin. 

The Contestants and the Artek community were visited by pop stars L. Leschenko, Ph. Kirkorov, N. Baskov, the ‘Diskoteka Avariya’ group, T. Rodriguez, Jasmine, the ‘Pizza’ group, S. Pavliashvili, S. Lazarev, A. Rubak, the ‘Banderos’ group, and many others, – they all performed and supported the ‘New Wave Junior’.

The Jury included L. Leschenko, A. Rybak, Yu. Savicheva, S. Lazarev, R. Kel Torres, Ph. Kirkorov, A. Ivanov, E. Ivanchykova (soloist in the ‘IOWA’ group). The Jury was chaired by its President, People’s Artist of Russia, the project’s Artistic Director, Producer and Composer Igor Krutoy.

The ‘New Wave Junior-2015’ Program included, as usual,  the priority draw sessions and the  Charity football game.

The finalists performed world hit songs and songs from cartoons and movies. During the three days of the ‘New Wave Junior-2015’ its events featured Russian pop stars performing as duos with the Contest winners from previous years. 

Every year the ‘New Wave Junior’ attracts to the Artek International Children’s Center more than 7,500 children and adults from different countries.

On 11 August, the Artek Stadium hosted  the Contest Grand opening. The traditional Contest Flame was delivered by the torch bearer – a representative of the Artek camp, who passed the torch to the ‘New Wave Junior’ ex-Contestants of different years. The children solemnly lit the symbolic flame in the famous Artek Stadium Cauldron. The Contest Presenters Stas Kostyushkin, Lera Kudryavtseva, Dominik Joker, Pasha Artemov, as well as ex-winners of the ‘New Wave Junior’ of the previous years  congratulated Artek on its 90-year anniversary. The Jury President Igor Krutoy outlined in his speech the importance and significance of this children’s music forum, ‘While it is the sixth year that we stage the ‘New Wave Junior’ at Artek, every time, when listening to new songs, we feel excited that we are here. The Contest adds new pop stars to our portfolio. In the past, an invitation to Artek used to be a very special lifetime experience for every pioneer in the USSR, and it is still a lucky chance for children today.’ Igor Krutoy read out a telegram welcoming address on behalf of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Contestants.

The concert Program included performances by Ph. Kirkorov, N. Baskov, the ‘IOWA’ group, S. Pavliashvili, T. Rodriguez, A. Ivanov, the ‘Diskoteka Avariya’ group, the ‘Pizza’ group. The Contestants performed their first day Contest program. 

On 12 August, the ‘New Wave Junior’ concert featured Ph. Kirkorov, Yu. Savicheva, D. Joker, L. Leschenko, The ‘Band’eros’ group, as well as the ‘New Wave Junior’ ex-Contestants of previous years, and the ‘New Wave Junior’ children’s choir.  Then, after the stars’ performance, the  young artists presented their repertoire of the Contest second day.

On the morning of August 13, at the ‘Morskoy’ camp (of Artek) there was organized the traditional football game between young musicians: a team of Contestants-2015 played against the team of ex-participants of the previous ‘New Wave Junior’ events. The younger footballers lost the tough game to the senior team. The winners received the Contest Memorial Cup, and all participants of the game received commemorative medals. The footballers were awarded by members of the ‘Diskoteka avariya’ band  and Roberto Kel Torres. 

In the evening of 13 August, the Awards Ceremony  and the Gala Concert were staged, featuring Ph. Kirkorov, S. Lazarev, V. Sokolovsky, the ‘Diskoteka Avariya’ group, R. K. Torres, S. Kostyushkin, Jasmine, A. Rybak, D. Klaver, ex-participants of the ‘New Wave Junior’ of different years, and the ‘New Wave Junior’ children’s choir.

Spectators voted for winners of the Spectators Award. Distant votes were cast at the web site of the Contest, off-line votes were contributed by the Artek community of holiday-makers. The Spectators Prize was awarded on the stage of the Artek concert hall during the closing ceremony of the ‘New Wave Junior-2015’ Contest. The Spectators Prize winner was Danelia Tuleshova (Kazakhstan). The first place and the main prize  – a music video shooting and rotation in the ‘Children’s Song of the Year’ and the ‘Hot Ten‘ TV Programs  – were awarded by the Contest Jury to Gaia Kauci (Malta). The second place was taken by the ‘Wild Guitars’ Duo and Krisia Todorova. The  third prize went to Mary Kocharian (Armenia).

All the participants of the ‘New Wave Junior’ were awarded commemorative diplomas and professional microphones.

The ‘New Wave Junior’ presents gifted children to the world, supports them, enables young musicians to express their creativity on the professional stage at par with gurus of show business. Participation in this Contest is a priceless experience that is of great value to novice artists, facilitating their dynamic creative development. Many of the finalists become students of the Academy of Popular Music of Igor Krutoy, which is an advanced center for aesthetic and musical development of children, opening its doors to this year students. 

The ‘New Wave Junior -2016’ will be held from 11 to 13 August at Artek. 

This is the 9th edition of this annual Contest.

Artek hosts the Contest for the 7th time.

15 representatives from 10 countries of the world have been selected as the finalists.

As usual, famous pop music stars  will support the young talents: the Artek stage will feature Ph. Kirkorov, N. Baskov, the ‘Diskoteka Avariya’ group, Yu. Karaulova, Jasmine, the ‘IOWA’ group, D. Bilan, S. Lazarev, V. Presnyakov, Nyusha, D. Joker and many others.

The Contest Jury will involve I. Dubtsova, Nyusha, S. Lazarev, E. Krylatov, Ph. Kirkorov, E Kombarov, L. Leschenko. The Jury will be chaired by its President, People’s Artist of Russia, Producer and Composer Igor Krutoy.

The ‘New Wave Junior -2016’ Program will include, as usual, the priority draw sessions,  the football game and other events.

Among the Contest partners there is the ZA Sport company founded by the noted Russian fashion designer Anastasia Zadorina in 2012. The company is specialized in the design of corporate uniforms and fashion design for leisure activities and travel. ZA Sport supports the Charity Football Cup between the teams of contestants and of the Artek guests.

The Spectators Award prize for the ‘New Wave Junior’ Contest has been designed and manufactured by the ‘Twelve Thirteen’ jewelry firm. Twelve Thirteen’s jewelry is the perfect choice for sophisticated persons who truly appreciate unique jewelry of highest quality. Handmade in Berlin and inspired by future! Numeric chars XII/XIII are synonymic to twins and imply an ideal union of two people. Inspired by this powerful symbol, Twelve Thirteen create unique and incomparably exquisite jewelry: the most beautiful and exclusive pieces always have a history of their own! Enchanted by an old Tibetan tale about two little boys, two little friends, young designers Farid Asris and Benjamin Walter established a jewelry firm. The XII/XIII symbol means indissoluble bonds of the two twins. Each accessory made in the XII/XIII   is handcrafted with a special care transforming the piece of jewelry so that to combine therein individuality, uniqueness, beauty and modern trends. It is just like this – unique and exquisite – that Twelve Thirteen made the symbol for the Spectators Award: its owner will feel the exclusiveness of the design embodied in the exquisite violin clef. The Prize is made of gold interspersed with rare diamonds.




The ‘New Wave Junior’ Contest aspires to help the growth of  young talents.  One of the main objectives on the agenda of the modern society is to facilitate the spiritual and creative development of children. This objective is successfully met by the ‘New Wave Junior’ contest in the most favorable atmosphere for creativity of promising artists. This international forum of the younger generation of music stars serves the mission of  long-term continuing successful development of children and provides most efficient solutions to this end. The ‘New Wave Junior’ atmosphere of creativity and goodwill reigns in this most  favorable environment, where creative guidance is amply available to the best advantage of young artists.