Igor Krutoy

General Producer of The Contest, People’s artist of Russia, composer, President of the “ARS”holding

Igor Jakovlevich Krutoy was born on July, 29th, 1954 in the city of Gajvorone of the Kirovograd region. In the childhood Igor independently learned to play bayan and acted together with school tout ensemble. After schooling at music school Igor Krutoy proceeded on theoretical faculty of the Kirovograd musical school which he has graduated with distinction in 1974. He was not able to proceed to the Kiev conservatory because of not passing examination in a subject «CPSU History». Within next year Krutoy taught music classes at rural school.


Alexander Rumyantsev

The Contest CEO  New Wave and New Wave junior

‘Such a serious music event as the ‘New Wave’ International Contest of Young Pop Singers is committed to finding  the best and the brightest, ‘ this is the motto that drives  Alexander Rumyantsev’s hard, relentless and creative work as the Contest CEO.

Alexander Rumyantsev comes from a Moscow family of in-born musical talents. His grandfather, Vladimir Nikolayevich Belov, was a renowned composer of frontline songs popular with contract troops, and songs about the Motherland that were well-known to several generations

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Alexander Revzin

Chief Director-Producer

The Chief Director of the project A.Revzin was born in the middle of last century in Donetsk in a neighborhood of commoners and  mineworkers, where he picked up smoking and alcohol use, along with a habit to work hard and the ability to make  brilliant  ideas happen.  Thus, unlike miners, he managed to earn occasional salaries. At some point, he moved from that Donbass known as a ‘a proletarian forge’, to St. Petersburg, a so-called ‘forge of intellectuals’. As a student of music and theatrical production, he got to know many national luminaries of Arts. The new environment introduced him to drinks and smoking unaffordable by miners, and facilitated the development of his ability to hoist ideas into a skill to generate amazing unconventional ideas.


Stella Khachanyants

Stella Khachanyants

Executive Director Contest New Wave Junior.


Anastasia Muhina

АAnastasia Muhina

Music Producer Contest  New wave Junior

Oleg Chernik

IT department «New Wave» and «New Wave Junior»

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Organizing Committee “New Wave Junior 2019”