Accreditation of journalists at the International competition of young singers of popular music “New Wave Junior 2017” ends May 28th, 2017.


1. Accreditation of journalists at the International contest of young singers of popular music “New wave” (hereinafter referred to as – “Contest”) is organized to create necessary conditions for journalists to do their professional work while informing about the Contest. 

2. The Journalists of mass media (hereinafter referred to as – mass-media), officially registered on the territory of the Russian Federation and the Latvian Republic according to the legislation of the Russian Federation concerning mass media, have a right for accreditation at the Contest. 

Any foreign mass-media also has a right to apply for accreditation of journalists in the way established by the present Regulations. 

3. Only regular employees of mass-media have right to get accreditation.

4. Accreditation is given to journalists for the period of the Contest. 

5. Accreditation of journalists for the Contest takes place annually

the period of the Contest.

6. The organizer of the Contest has right to involve organizations for official registration of papers, connected with accreditation of mass-media (hereinafter referred to as Organizing committee). 

7. The application for accreditation is addressed to the General Director of  ” New Wave ” A.V.Rumjantsev and is to be sent to the e-mail address: – for the mass-media registered on the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as for foreign mass-media or fill in the form at the bottom under the present Regulation.

8. The application form typed in Russian (for the mass-media registered on the territory of the Russian Federation and foreign mass-media) with signed by the director and certified by a stamp, should be written on the official list of mass-media. 


9. The following documents should be enclosed to the application form of the journalists:

– copies of licenses for TV and radio broadcasting (for electronic mass-media);

– a copy of the certificate of registration of mass-media;

– a color photo of 3,5 x 4 cm, represented in an electronic way. 


10. The following information should be applied to the application form for the accreditation:

1) about edition: full name of mass-media, data about founders or publishers, surname, name, and patronymic of the editor-in-chief (the person heading the edition of mass-media), prescribed missions, circulation, periodicity, time of broadcasting (for electronic mass-media), location, the region of distribution, the post address (with index), office telephone and fax numbers, e-mail address;

2) about the journalist: surname, name, patronymic, official or constant pseudonym, position, office telephone and fax numbers, passport data (series, number, date of issue and the authority which issued it), citizenship, date and place of birth, place of constant registration. 

11. If mass-media which is getting accreditation used to inform about previous Contests, it is necessary to present copies of main publications and teleplots.

12. Admission of the accredited journalists to the Contest is carried out after presentation of a special badge, which can be given out on the basis of the application form.

13. To get the special badge the journalist should show the business card of edition of mass-media. 

14. It’s not allowed to give the badge to other people. 


15. Editions of mass-media can send applications for accreditation of journalists within the limits of following quotas:

1) periodic printed editions – no more than 2 journalists;

2) TV companies – no more than 3 employees (including operators and technicians);

3) radio companies – 1 correspondent;

4) news agencies – 1 correspondent.


16. The accredited journalists have a right:

1) to take part in press conferences, briefings, to attend events organized and spent within the limits of the Contest, and to which they are invited in advance by employees of Organizing committee of the Contest, except for the private events;

2) to receive press releases, information and materials, concerning the carrying out of the Contest and intended to be distributed in mass-media;

3) to perform audio- and video recording, photographing of the public events;

4) to address for assistance (concerning the organization of the Contest, getting interviews or comments) to the Organizing committee of the Contest. 


17. The journalists accredited at the Contest are obliged:

1) to not interfere with the order of carrying out of the events of the Contest (the following is considered to be intervention: oral statements or actions, the aim of which is to draw attention of people to themselves or to interrupt the event; photo and video shoots, preventing the event; and also other actions preventing the carrying out of the event, at which the accredited journalist is presenting performance of his professional duties as the representative of mass-media);

2) to leave the place of the event or meeting during the mode of work “legal shooting” after fixed time;

3) to respect rights, legitimate interests of participants and visitors of the Contest, members of the Organizing committee during the work at the Contest. 


18. The organizer of the Contest has a right to  refuse give accreditation to journalists for the following reasons:

1) the information stated in the application form of mass media for accreditation is incorrect.

2) the documents presented by the mass-media for registration of accreditation don’t meet the requirements of the present Regulations;

3) mass-media is a specialized edition (advertising, reference-books, erotic, etc.);

4) the mass media spread false information at previous Contests;

5) for other reasons on the basis of justified decisions. 


19. The journalist can be deprived of accreditation for the following reasons:

1) infringement of requirements of the present Regulations by the journalist or edition of mass-media;

2) spreading of incorrect and false information by the journalist.


20. Accreditation of the journalist is stopped in the following cases:

1) liquidation of mass-media which he represents;

2) decision made by the management of mass-media to dismiss the journalist from giving information about the Contest;

3) dismissal of the journalist from mass-media which applied for his accreditation (the edition of mass-media is obliged to inform the Organizer of the Contest about this within two days). 

21. The head of mass-media is informed about the decision to deprive the journalist of accreditation in written form.

22. In all cases listed in items 19 and 20 of the present Regulations, special badges are subjected to be returned to the Organizing committee of the Contest.


Yours faithfully,

The Organizing committee

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